It is our aim to maintain and improve our standards in contributing to the cultural life of Ellesmere Port and district. To achieve this, we must rely on the finances provided by fundraising activities, grants from local authorities and arts' associations, and, in recent years, the generosity of private individuals and local firms. Unfortunately the fees for artists and orchestras and for the hire of orchestral parts are such that to recover them totally in the price of our tickets would be prohibitive. Despite capacity audiences, door receipts do not exceed 30% of the cost of an average concert, which is around £10,000.

We therefore annually ask Patrons, both Private and those in Industry and Commerce for a donation, in the hope that they would like to assist us in our endeavours. The amount is left to their discretion but we have recently introduced a tiered system to enable benefits to be tailored to the individual or organisation (see link below for more information). Our Private Patrons are asked for a minimum annual subscription of £60, though many very generously give us much more. In return, both types of Patron receive complimentary tickets for each of the two annual concerts, and Patrons' names are published in the concert programmes. Commercial Patrons will also be able to benefit from advertising if required. Additionally all Patrons receive their own special annual newsletter.

If you would like to be associated with Ellesmere Port Music Society as a Patron, please contact the Patrons’ Secretary for further information: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or download the Commercial Patrons or Private Patrons form for more details.

Commercial Patrons Form

Private Patrons Form

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Private Patrons

Mr & Mrs A D Barrington

Mr P Byrne

Miss S M Challinor

Miss G Cope

Dr D L & Mrs J D Cresswell

Mrs J A Fawcett

Mrs B Firmstone

Mr D Hamilton

Mr & Mrs M Kench

Mr J Kilgallen

Mr & Mrs C B Milne

Mrs A Morris

 J W & E Nicholson

Mr B Payne

Mr & Mrs M Perry

Mrs M Prince

Mr P F & Mrs D Smethurst

Mrs J M Speirs

Mr R V Taylor

Dr & Mrs A Thomas

Dr & Mrs D Troup

Rev J Wagstaff

Mr & Mrs S Weake

Mrs J D A Williams

Mr & Mrs L Hughes

Mr P J Speirs